About Kazaisu

After the global pandemic that pulled us apart, Deborah further realized our utter dependence on the human connection and how crucial it is to nurture and bond. She reflected on the places she’s been, the people she’s had the opportunity to meet, and the irreplaceable time she has spent with her husband, children, and loved ones.

Deborah is now excited to honor her connection with fans and friends alike with KAZAISU, a rosé wine that she hopes will sit on tables at family gatherings, dinners with friends, reunions, and celebrations of everyday life.

Meet Deborah

Deborah Cox is an award-winning recording artist, Canadian Music Hall of Fame inductee, and international talent spanning the worlds of music, Broadway, television, film, and fashion. With a nearly three-decades-long career, Deborah’s influence has paved the way for talented women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ2S+ artists across countless industries, empowering people worldwide to live authentically.

Staying true to her roots has always been important to Deborah since growing up as a child in Toronto, Canada. Innately drawn to the power of the human connection and music’s ability to foster this connection, Deborah set out on a mission early in her career to create art that resonated with people worldwide, no matter what they were going through. As a strong advocate and supporter of various initiatives worldwide, Deborah has been recognized for her undying commitment to and advocacy for marginalized communities. Her music is no exception to how she lifts those who might feel excluded or alone at some point in their journey.

A letter from Deborah:

Throughout my travels, I developed a passion for the many cultures and food I was fortunate to discover. I wanted to distill all those experiences and sensations into one bottle.

Enjoying a glass of wine was for me one of the best ways to explore a new environment, meet people and forge connections. I wanted to create something that would allow me to share those moments with my family, friends, and people I had yet to meet.

It was important for me to produce an organic wine: something clean, pure and healthful, as well as enjoyable. It was also vital that the packaging be sustainable.

Our bottle uses a stopper made of glass, rather than cork, and it has a unique design that attracts the eye and lends itself to further use: perhaps as a vase, water bottle, or centerpiece.

The dragonfly on the bottle is a creature of grace and elegance that signifies the delicacy, lightness, and joy that can be found within.

The name itself betokens family, friendship, and love. KAZAISU combines the names of my three children: Kaila, Isaiah, and Sumayah.

We can't wait for you to sip on luxury with Kazaisu and create forever memories.